Play Expo Glasgow 2019

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Play Expo Glasgow is back for the fourth year! This massively popular retro-gaming event features old-school consoles, arcade machines and pinball machines. They're all set to freeplay by the way!

This year, as before, we're responsible for providing the pinball machines for the show. Every machine at the show belongs to someone who has lent it for the weekend - thirty machines have been confirmed so far. Behind the scenes, a great deal of planning and logistics takes place. Volunteers get the machines in on the proceeding Friday, then tend to any repairs during the event. Then late on Sunday comes the task of dismantling all those bulky machines and getting them out.

We're most grateful to those who help out, such as Paisley Pinball and our friends from Northern Lights Pinball - we couldn't pull it off without you!

Why we do it? We love pinball!

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